Blue waters

Wild waters & water sport in and around Johnsbach in the Gesäuse National Park

The atmosphere is not the only thing that is hot at high noon in the summer – the limestone rocks in the Gesäuse heats up too. The name Gesäuse derives from the German words for a “rushing and soughing sound”. Wouldn’t that indicate that the Gesäuse is also a perfect place for water sports? It is indeed! The colours of the National Park’s logo are green like its forests, grey like its rocks and blue like its waters.


The waters in the Gesäuse National Park are sensitive habitats that you can visit and experience, as long as certain limitations are respected. In the summer, there is a lot to see and do on the designated visiting areas in Johnsbach and along the Enns River. You can spend a pleasant day watching animals in their natural habitat or take a refreshing dip in the Enns River. You need a bit more action? Then you had best take a look at what the wild waters in the region have to offer.

The Kölblwirt is a partner of the AOS Adventures tour company. AOS have been engaged in water sports in Austria for 27 years and chose the Gesäuse as one of the competence centres. Book your AOS rafting, kayaking or canyoning tour directly at the Kölblwirt or inquire about exclusive special offers for activities on the Enns River.

AOS - Adventure Trailer from Adventure Outdoor Strobl on Vimeo.

Action- and water sports in the Gesäuse

Rafting on the Enns River in the Gesäuse National Park

White-Water-rafting in the Gesäuse ©

With the AOS Adventures raft guides, you can experience the impressive mountain world of the Gesäuse National Park. AOS offers white water rafting in all its facets both for beginners and advanced rafters. The tours usually start with some paddling exercises in calmer waters, before you’ll whoosh through the famous "Gesäuse-Eingang" at the entrance to the Gesäuse …

Family Rafting in the Gesäuse

Family Rafting in the Gesäuse ©

Raft the waters with your whole family! Besides its more challenging parts, the Enns River also features several beautiful, easy sections, allowing tours that are perfectly suitable for families with children, especially in the summer. In addition to your rafting experience, you will also visit the stunning Bruckgraben Canyon and learn fascinating facts about the local fauna and flora ...

Rafting Enns "Expedition"

Rafting Gesäuse Expedition ©

The "Gesäuse Expedition" is an absolute highlight for our more daring guests looking for sport and real adventure. In addition to fantastic rafting action, this expedition also includes exciting cliff jumps and river trekking elements in this unique river landscape. Experience the entire Gesäuse water world in a day with lots of action, nature and much more ...

When the water gets too cold for you …

... simply return to the inn bench on the warm and sunny Kölblwirt terrace. While you warm up after a long day of water sports, we will gladly serve you refreshing drinks and tasty meals from our restaurant. A bowl of hot soup and a slice of our Styria Beef will recharge your batteries and provide you with sufficient energy to continue your adventure quest through the Gesäuse on the following day.

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