In love with a mountaineer

Meet the love of your life in the Johnsbach mountains

"Together" – When you climb mountains together, you will discover the true meaning of this word. Being a first climber, a second climber or a belayer is all about mutual trust. Do you trust your significant other? Those who climb mountains together, descend more united. For sure. Conquering a peak together gives you a new perspective, plans for a future together become clearer, mutual affection grows. Aw, isn’t it romantic!

Love awaits you ... in the Gesäuse

You might come on your own or you might meet the love of your life in the Gesäuse. Or the Gesäuse IS the love of your life. Or you are a couple in love visiting the Gesäuse together where you will have the best time ever. When couples think about a romantic getaway, quite often a palm beach comes to mind, a luxurious hotel or a trip around the world. Doesn’t sound too bad, it’s true. But why don’t you contemplate hiking in the Gesäuse mountains together, staying overnight in a cabin, enjoying a romantic dinner at the Kölblwirt, escaping to the Kölblalm or getting to know each other on the via ferrata, the Kirchengrat or the Peternpfad trail and find out what true love really is?

Here are our Gesäuse INSPIRATIONS for lovebirds:

  • Develop your mutual trust as you climb along the vertical line and place your loving trust in each other’s hands.
  • You’ll be able to admire the cute behind of the person in front of you all the way up. You think you can try to look away? We seriously doubt that.
  • Enjoy being alone together by the waterfalls of the Wasserfallweg trail, on the Peternpfad trail or on the via ferrata.
  • What about a real mountain tour to the highest peak of the region – the Hochtor? Or even wilder: to the Kirchengrad on the Ödstein Mountain.
  • Broaden your shared horizon on the highest summit of the Gesäuse and contemplate a future together.
  • What about a climbing course in the Gesäuse? Let’s just hope no-one gets distracted by the attractive climbing teacher ...

Descend from the mountain and get cosy:

  • Let your exciting days in the mountains together end with cosy hours at the Kölblwirt.
  • Enjoy a private tête-à-tête dinner and you’ll be under the duvet faster than you’d think.
  • What about a romantic getaway to the Hesshütte hut? They also have double rooms.
  • There is hardly anything more romantic than a hike to the beautiful Kölblalm.
  • Ready for the next step? We’d be thrilled to celebrate your WEDDING with you at the Kölblwirt.
  • And for yet another step further: Check out INSPIRATIONS "To the Xeis with kith and kin".

Here is why lovebirds nest in the Gesäuse:

  • The sharp and steep rocks are breathtakingly romantic.
  • Climbing and hiking releases true emotions.
  • Mutual trust and being able to rely on each other are paramount.
  • There are so many ways to be romantic. Staying overnight at the Hesshütte hut is definitely one of them.
  • The Kölblwirt offers savoury food, endless cosy comfort and super comfy double beds.
  • Become one during the climbing course or on a climbing tour and learn to trust one another blindly.

This is what couples say about their stay at the Kölblwirt:

"I met the love of my life in the Gesäuse. I had known him before, but it was during our hikes and the climbing course that I got to know the important traits of his personality. We simply clicked and worked perfectly together. This is important in climbing and in life. The Kölblwirt is a TOP location for lovebirds. During our mountain tour, we also stayed overnight at the Hesshütte hut. The fact that we slept in the shared sleeping hall didn’t make it any less romantic. And who knows, maybe we’ll soon celebrate a mountaineers’ wedding at the Kölblwirt in Johnsbach, and afterwards we’ll come visit with KITH AND KIN!


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