On Tour with the lads

Gentlemen, it’s playtime

Real men amongst real men. Be adventurous, daring, confident. Have a great time, be outside, eat meat. Be a man and be proud of it. THIS is precisely what a few unforgettable days on a men-only trip to the Gesäuse at the Kölblwirt are all about.

 Why men only?

Because there are times when men gotta do what men gotta do. Where boys can be boys and forget for a while that their passports suggest they’re grown-ups. Where they are carefree and where fun, sport and adventure have priority. The Gesäuse, or Xeis, as the locals call it, is the perfect "playground" for this type of vacation. The wild waters and rocks will evoke the adventurer inside you and –at times– call upon your virility. But don’t worry – at the Kölblwirt we make sure nothing is missed out. Hearty meals, cold beers and several varieties of distinguished distillates will boost the energy you spent outside and bring it straight back into your bones.

Here are our men-amongst-men INSPIRATIONS:

  • We will pick you up – from the train station or from the airport. No car and no designated driver required. You will not need your driving licence during the next few days.
  • We will take you anywhere you want. This is gold, for example for bachelor parties. No-one will need to drive.
  • Take a plunge during rafting, canyoning and white-water kayaking or tackle the Alpinpark.
  • Another men’s thing: Johnsbach’s underworld. Join us for a cave tour inside the mountain.

You won’t stay hungry for long:

  • Enjoy a "Bratl-roast evening" at the Kölblwirt with an exquisite pork roast, dumplings, sauerkraut and fat. Food for men who have better things to do than to count calories.
  • Book a steak evening. Red meat from our Styria Beef is a real treat for real men –accompanied by superb red wine and the world is perfect for a while.
  • Have a wine tasting at the Kölblwirt. Endless bottles of outstanding vintages crowd our wine cellar and are simply crying out to be sampled. Fancy a sip?
  • Visit our business partner Veitlbauer in Weissenbach bei St. Gallen and go on a “Most-Tour”, where you first learn how to make cider and then how to taste it.
  • Hike to the Kölblalm mountain pasture and visit Riki and Gertsch. They are looking forward to hosting you. Upon request, we can also come pick you up and drive you back down.

Good reasons for a stay at the "Certified Men’s Care Centre" Kölblwirt

  • Men amongst men at birthdays, stag trips, club excursions
  • Nobody needs to drive. We will organise all your transfers upon request
  • Full-on fun, sport & adventure in the Xeis
  • Mountaineering & water sports weld real men together
  • Excellent partners for our outdoor programmes
  • Mountain guides for mountain tours, alpine ski tours or other adventures
  • The Gesäuse Alpinpark as a special challenge
  • Sleep, eat, drink at Kölblwirt – the "First Certified Men’s Care Centre"
  • Bratl-evenings with the best roasts an inn can offer
  • Styria Beef steaks. Because men want 100% regional quality too. In fact, loads of it.
  • Comfy rooms, a generous breakfast, a sauna to relax and unwind
  • And so many more good reasons ...

Here is what a happy man says about the Kölblwirt:

"Hey, these INSPIRATIONS are exactly what we have been doing in the Xeis for years. We have been celebrating our men-only trips at the Kölblwirt for a while now. They take excellent care of us there. I have never driven my own car in the Xeis, not a single metre. Those who want to have a really great time together with their mates should definitely take a closer look at these INSPIRATIONS by Kölblwirt. Rafting, canyoning, the mountains, nature and great food in the evening. I can’t wait for our next gentlemen’s trip in 2017!"


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