To the Xeis with kith and kin

When the whole family discovers the beauty of nature

This year we won’t be going down to the beach on the Adriatic or somewhere by the sea in Greece. It’s not always necessary to travel far to encounter something truly great. This year, the kids stated their case. They asked for games, fun, adventures and action in the great outdoors. The Gesäuse, or Xeis, as the locals call it, is the ideal location for a special family vacation altogether out of the ordinary. Why don’t we take a look?

Why Gesäuse?

It’s the same every year. What to do with the kids during the holidays? Remember the days when kids fell into their beds in the evening, exhausted from all the playing and running outside? And their parents could look forward to some alone time in the evening? Well guess what: THIS IS STILL HAPPENING IN THE GESÄUSE! Here, the kids are tired in the evenings from all their day-time adventures. There is just so much to discover. Go for a loop hike and pay the animals on the Kölblalm a visit. Take an excursion to the willow dome, to Admont Abbey or to the Water Park in St. Gallen. There is never any time to be bored. And you will have plenty of time for yourselves, too. You will see how the clocks in the Gesäuse tick and deal with time in their own special way.

Here are our INSPIRATIONS for active families with kith and kin:

  • Great views for the young and the old: Our journey starts at the Rauchboden in Gstatterboden.
  • Have you ever heard of Wild John? Hear his tale on the trail of myths and legends along the Johnsbach stream.
  • Visit us and our animals on the Kölblalm mountain pasture and enjoy the day with excellent food.
  • Or maybe you’d like to explore the Kneippweg trail in Johnsbach? Right in front of the Kneippweg trail, you can sit by the bonfire until your kids fall asleep.
  • How about an easy hike to the Mödlinger Hütte hut that awaits you with tasty snacks and meals?
  • Talking about snacks: You can also look forward to those when you conquer the Almenrunde loop hike on mountain bikes with the whole family.
  • That same Almenrunde loop hike is also ideal for families who would like to walk and bring a stroller. If it gets too rough, you can carry your child in a child carrier, or “Kraxn”, as we call it in local slang.
  • You are looking for a bit more of an adventure? How about the via ferrata at the Johnsbach Alpinpark? Or if you are prepared to get wet, why don’t you take your family rafting or canyoning?
  • Explore the surroundings, there is so much to see, such as the St. Gallen Water Park or the Erzberg mine in Eisenerz.
  • If the weather conditions are not to your liking, you can also visit Admont Abbey nearby with its great excursion destinations.
  • Or you could explore Johnsbach’s underworld during a cave tour near the Kölblwirt.

Comfy accommodation and great food:

  • Chill out, enjoy and relax at the Kölblwirt Inn after an exciting day full of adventures.
  • Our delicious breakfast will fuel you for many exciting hours outdoors.
  • Pack a healthy and tasty snack with the best products of our region.
  • Recharge your batteries at one of the mountain huts such as our Kölblalm – Riki and Gertsch are looking forward to serving you.
  • After a delicious dinner, the kids will be sent "off to bed", whilst the parents enjoy the rest of their evening in the restaurant or by the bar.

Good reasons for a family holiday at the Kölblwirt

  • Johnsbach is a paradise for children, with the Kölblwirt at its heart.
  • The Gesäuse is full of surprises and there’s always something exciting to discover in the National Park.
  • The willow dome adventure centre awaits you with a lot of exciting things to learn – for all ages.
  • There are numerous easy and beautiful hikes suitable for the whole family.
  • Why don’t you hike to the Mödlinger Hütte hut or stay overnight at the Hesshütte? It’s quite a long way up, but it is definitely worth the trip.
  • Go and visit our animals on the mountain pasture. The Kölblalm is located on the most beautiful spot of the valley and the animals can’t wait to meet you.
  • An ideal location: Many exciting destinations are directly on our doorstep. And if they aren’t, don’t worry. The Xeis-Taxi will take you there.
  • A taste of nature: Healthy and tasty food is essential for a great holiday experience in a perfect natural environment.
  • Our cosy rooms provide enough space for the whole family and cater for all tastes.


Kids love the Kölblwirt

This is what happy families say about their stay at the Kölblwirt:

"This is what we have always dreamed of. My kids are still so excited when they talk about our last holiday in the Gesäuse. All those adventures! The animals on the mountain farm, our tour to the Hesshütte, the Alpinpark and this wonderful natural landscape. It is simply beautiful to see your happy kids fall into their beds in the evening, exhausted, but laughing. We live in the city and have found our ideal holiday location in the Gesäuse.

For a family holiday in the mountains, the Kölblwirt is the friendliest and homeliest house you can imagine. Everything is just perfect. That’s not only our opinion. Our kids simply love the Kölblwirt and my daughter showed this very plainly in a drawing of all the things she had done and liked so much among the mountains. I can tell she is really looking forward to our next visit!"

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