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Ski tour to the Gscheideggkogel

For excellent and not so excellent weather: the Gscheideggkogel Mountain is always worth the while

Ski tour to the Gscheideckkogel

"The Gscheidegg Mountain always works", they say. And right they are. With an ascent duration of 2.5–3 hours, this is the ideal tour for beginners. It is also very suitable for tours early in the season, even when the weather is not that perfect, since the peak barely projects over the treeline. When the weather is good, this tour features a beautiful panoramic view of the Gesäuse Mountains, the Lugauer Mountains and ski-touring-mountains such as the Leobner, the Blaseneck and many more... This tour is not very long and rich in variety. It starts at the Ebner parking lot at the rear end of the Johnsbach Valley and leads through the Teufelsklamm gorge, a real scenic treat for your eyes right at the beginning. The path is very well marked and leads you past several mountain huts and through the woods with a constant gradient up to the summit.

The track to the Gscheideggkogel

Ski tour to the Gscheideggkogel
Ski tour to the Gscheideggkogel
The track to the Gscheideggkogel
The track to the Gscheideggkogel

What you need for your ski tour:

Avalanche report
  • Warm clothes to change into
  • Weather protection clothing
  • Beanie, gloves, ski helmet
  • Sun glasses and ski goggles
  • Sun screen for your skin
  • In spring: crampons (the paths may be frozen)Safety equipment including avalanche transceiver, shovel and avalanche probe
  • Sufficient food and liquids
  • Information on weather conditions and avalanche warnings
  • Maps and information on the tour
  • Mobile phone, camera, perhaps binoculars

Ski tour fact box

Best time for a tour:
Cumulative elevation gain ascent:
915 metres
Cumulative elevation gain decent:
915 metres
Walking time:
2.5–3 hours
Technique ascent:
not very technical, a beginner’s tour
not very demanding, good for the beginning of the season
Exposed positions:
Technique decent:
beautiful skiing area, easy to manoeuvre
East to north-east
GPS position:
Longitude: 12,86847
Latitude: 47,209937
Parking and stops:
There is a parking lot below Ebner, stop at the Kölblwirt Inn
Exposition descent:
West to south-east

The Kölblwirt insider TIP

The Gscheideggkogel Mountain is relatively safe from avalanches and marked with snow poles. It also provides good powdery snow in the middle of the winter and good views. If you would like to get used to the terrain and the region at the beginning of your stay, the Gscheideggkogel might be just what you are looking for. Even when the weather is less favourable and many of the peaks are covered with clouds, the Gscheideggkogel proves to be a good choice.

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