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Ski tour to the Leobner & Blaseneck

The best mid-winter classics for tours in the Johnsbach Valley.

Ski tour to the Leobner & Blaseneck

The Leobner and the Blaseneck Mountain are real classics. Who in the region hasn’t heard of the Saugasse to the Leobner or the Ploden Alm at the foothills of the Blaseneck? Located on the southern side of the valley, both summits feature marvellously shady slopes, providing powder snow bliss for superbly long stretches. If you’re in good shape, you will probably reach both summits. For those who want to decide between the two: the Leobner is more popular, the Blaseneck is less frequented. Perhaps the reason for that can be found in the cold wind that “blows” fiercely around the skiers’ ears, which is referred to in the German name Blaseneck Mountain.

The track to Leobner & Blaseneck

The track to Leobner & Blaseneck
The track to Leobner & Blaseneck
The track to Leobner & Blaseneck
The track to Leobner & Blaseneck

What you need for your ski tour:

Avalanche report
  • Warm clothes to change into
  • Weather protection clothing
  • Beanie, gloves, ski helmet
  • Sun glasses and ski goggles
  • Sun screen for your skin
  • In spring: crampons (the paths may be frozen)
  • Safety equipment including avalanche transceiver, shovel and avalanche probe
  • Sufficient food and liquids
  • Information on weather conditions and avalanche warnings
  • Maps and information on the tour
  • Mobile phone, camera, perhaps binoculars

Ski tour fact box

Best time for a tour:
Mid-winter until spring
Cumulative elevation gain ascent:
approx. 1,000 metres each from the parking lot to both Leobner & Blaseneck
Cumulative elevation gain decent:
approx. 1,000 metres
Walking time:
3–3.5 hours
Technique ascent:
Flat and relatively easy technical approach. Near the summit, a few kick turns are required.
Tour with medium difficulty. Good basic condition is required for the ascent of 1,000 metres in height
Exposed positions:
No – it is slightly steeper near the Blaseneck summit
Technique decent:
Great slopes, easy to manoeuvre. Leobnerkar and Schneekar are real treats – "avalanche warning!"
North to west
GPS position:
No information
Parking and stops:
On the big parking lot above the Gscheidegger. Obligatory use of snow chains in the winter!
Exposition descent:
North to west

Impressionen von Leobner & Blaseneck

The Kölblwirt insider TIP

If you would like to avoid the masses walking up the Saugasse trail from the Leobner, you can ski down via the Moseralm located on the western side of the summit. Great powder snow slopes will await you there especially in mid-winter. From the Blaseneck, you can ski down directly to Johnbach’s ski lift via the Plodenalm and carve down the last metres of your tour on a prepared slope. If you don’t want to drive your car up to the parking lot, you can also start your ascent to the Blaseneck directly from the Kölblwirt. Up the Sebringgraben to the summit and back down via the Ploden and the drag lift. A special version.

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