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Ski tour to the Lugauer

The Lugauer Mountain – the "Matterhorn of Styria" and a ski touring classic

The Lugauer with a famous "Lugauerplan" face
The Lugauer Mountain ski tour is an altogether exclusive pleasure for ski tourers in the Gesäuse. First of all, the Lugauer requires plenty of stamina and secondly, timing is everything. Due to an increased avalanche risk the Lugauer may only be climbed in the right season with the right conditions. The ascent route from Johnsbach is the classic one, even if it appears to be very long. At the beginning, follow the trail towards the Gscheidegg Mountain and the Gsuachmauer, but then look out for the trail towards the Hüpflingerhals, which is marked with poles. From the foot of the Lugauerplan, it will take you approx. 1–1,5 hours to reach the top.

The track to the Lugauer

Ski tour to the Lugauer
Ski tour to the Lugauer
The track to the Lugauer
The track to the Lugauer

What you need for your ski tour:

Avalanche report
  • Warm clothes to change into
  • Weather protection clothing
  • Beanie, gloves, ski helmet
  • Sun glasses and ski goggles
  • Sun screen for your skin
  • In spring: crampons (the paths may be frozen)
  • Safety equipment including avalanche transceiver, shovel and avalanche probe
  • Sufficient food and liquids
  • Information on weather conditions and avalanche warnings
  • Maps and information on the tour
  • Mobile phone, camera, perhaps binoculars

Ski tour fact box

Best time for a tour:
Cumulative elevation gain ascent:
1,700 metres
Cumulative elevation gain decent:
1,700 metres
Walking time:
Approx. 5 hours
Technique ascent:
Technically fairly demanding – the summit ridge is exposed
Very demanding, ski touring for the advanced
Exposed positions:
Yes, after the ski depot –the summit ridge is exposed
Technique decent:
Skiing for experts. The entry to the Lugauerplan is steep and great for skiing.
West – south-west
GPS position:
Longitude: 14,722424
Latitude: 47,553222
Parking and stops:
There is a parking lot below Ebner, stop at the Kölblwirt Inn
Exposition descent:
West – south-west

The Kölblwirt insider TIP

The Lugauer is without a doubt one of the greatest and most stunning ski tours in the Gesäuse National Park. However, do not underestimate the length of the tour and the increased avalanche risk. Real experts don’t just ascend the Lugauer Mountain. Before tackling it, they put the Gsuchmauer underneath their furs and enjoy their warm-up as they ski down the Gsuchkar. Only after this do they hike up through the Lugauerplan. After this tour, you will most definitely have earned a refreshing beer on our Kölblwirt terrace.

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