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The Kölblalm

Farms in our region tend to include an "Alm" – an alpine pasture or farm. Why don’t you come along and discover our Kölblalm …

"... flanked by narrow canyons and steep rocks, the Johnsbach valley comes into sight where the massive rock face provides an enthralling contrast to the lovely mountain meadows." A beautiful description of the path leading up to the Kölblalm, which is located on one of those aforementioned mountain meadows. A narrow street leads us to the "Ebnerparkplatz" parking lot at the rear end of the Johnsbach valley, the starting point for our hike through the impressive Teufelsklamm gorge up to the Kölblalm.

Welcome to the Kölblalm in Johnsbach

A random location?

The Kölblalm is part of the famous "Johnsbacher Almrunde" loop trail, an easy yet inspiring hike through the alpine valley in the heart of the Gesäuse National Park. Our Alm dates back nearly 900 years. Back then, it used to be called a "Schwaige". A so called "Schwaige" or "Schwoag" refers to a special type of farm, usually located on the slope of a mountain. Ours has always been used for alpine dairy farming and our ancient traditional smokehouse kitchen is one of the many fascinating relics of the past.

A traditionally preserved place of rest

Today, the Kölblalm is run by Riki and Gerhard as an alpine pasture holding, where they serve drinks and snacks, thereby creating a perfect place to rest on the Johnsbacher Almrunde loop trail. They’ll gladly serve you home-made delicacies and tasty refreshments. A hearty snack will boost your energy and divine pastries will fuel you for the rest of your hike through the breathtaking landscape. For those who would like to spend some more time on the Kölblalm: Come and join us for one of our events up there. Be it during a mountain mass or for a midsummer bonfire – in Johnsbach we love to celebrate, and the Kölblalm is the perfect place for it.

The oldest building in Johnsbach

The Kölblalm marked the beginning of many developments. It is the oldest building in the valley and also one of the oldest alpine pastures in the province of Styria. Nearly 4,000 years ago, the original building on the pasture was inhabited all throughout the year, even during winter. The Alm is located on an important and historical charcoal trade route to Hieflau. In the 18th century, the “Schwaige” became an “Alm” and from that moment on, it was only used in the summer months. It has been owned by the Kölbl family for almost 200 years. The construction of a route through the Teufelsklamm gorge towards Neuburg made it easier to reach the Alm. Extensive construction works and steady improvements safeguard the preservation of the Kölblalm, today and in the future. In 2002, the Kölblalm became part of the Gesäuse National Park and is its only privately-owned plot – as it will be in the future.

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